BART – Biological Activity Reaction Test



Biological Activity Reaction Test kits to identify problematic bacteria in your borehole. The BART bio- detector is a simple method for testing for the presence of bacteria in groundwater samples. The BART is easy to use, tells you something about how active the bacteria, which types of bacteria are active in the water sample. Additionally, if you are applying a treatment then the effectiveness of that treatment can be measured using the selected BART™ testers. The BART testers can provide a variety of information that can be useful in understanding bacterial activity. They provide three key features to bacterial water analysis. First, they can provide you an interpretation on the bacterial activity in a given water source. Secondly, they can address what types of bacteria are currently active in the water source. And finally, they are easy to use in both laboratory and field study. The tester has been designed to provide a range of environments from very reductive in the base cone to very oxidative around and under the floating ball. This means a gradient is created vertically in the tester that can encourage many different types of bacteria to grow. To encourage different communities of bacteria to grow then a crystallized pellet of chemicals that are selective nutrients are placed in the base cone of the tester. These selective nutrients diffuse up and cause only the bacteria being investigated to grow and trigger reactions. The BART tester is therefore a very “friendly” environment created to maximize the detection of the active bacteria. This is done by a combination of looking for a reaction and timing that event to gauge the activity.

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