The Geovalve® is a dual function valve for controlling abstraction of groundwater from, and re-injection into, an aquifer while maintaining a constant pressure in the system. The compact design makes it ideal for use in tight boreholes where bi-directional flow is required as it only requires a single line for both functions. The valve provides accurate control of the system pressure so it can also be used simply as an injection valve. The Geovalve® is connected to the discharge of the borehole pump and acts as a non return valve for the off duty pump. The borehole pump must be set at approximately 10 metres below the pumped water level to prevent aeration at the injection point. By injecting water, thus, a positive pressure can be maintained on the complete system. i.e. pipes remain full and no air is allowed into the water.

Technical Data


  • A smaller well diameter is required for dual flow
  • Cost Reduction over conventional systems
  • No injection control valve required
  • No large actuated head valves required
  • Uses own medium for activating in water. No separate wiring
  • Allows a smaller wellhead chamber
  • Reduced installation time
  • Pipelines remain full (Reduced effect of Biofouling)
  • System will always be under a positive pressure
  • No cascading of water on injection – thus eliminating aeration
  • Improves motor cooling through smaller diameter wells
  • Easily retro-fitted into existing systems
  • Accurate flow-meter readings
  • Robust compact design

Advanced manufacturing technology has been used to produce this highly durable control valve.
The Geovalve® is resistant to abrasion and designed for a long life service.




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