Polypropylene Wellhead



2″ Polypropylene for 115mm sleeve
2″ Polypropylene for 125mm sleeve
2″ Polypropylene for 140mm sleeve
PQ – SS Through Tube DN50 x 200 for PP wellheads
PP wellheads are suitable for use on PVC borehole casings . They are a cost effective means of suspending the Borehole pump and simply slide over the protruding PVC casing. Currently available from stock for casings up to 140mm OD. Larger sizes available upon request. Stay safe, stay legal: Quality wellhead solutions, designed to fit, from Proquip. Helping protect groundwater and your borehole supply from contamination. Tried and tested in the field, our polypropylene wellheads provide a snug fit and neat, professional finish to all types of PVC casings. There’s no surprises from the engineering. Quality built, durable and hygienic, they offer all the reliability and performance you expect of Proquip’s product pedigree. But what may surprise you is the price – give us a call. Features • Precision engineered, two-part polypropylene wellhead compatible with wide range of PVC casings • Upper wellhead section couples to the rising main; lower section slides over the well casing. • The two sections are connected simply but sturdily with four galvanised securing bolts. • Wellhead forms robust seal with casing via a heavy duty O-ring. • Assembly includes cable gland and dipping port. • Through holes are 2” parallel BSP threaded.

Optional Stainless Steel Through Pipe : The polypropylene wellheads can be supplied with a 2” stainless steel through pipe ( including 1½” reducing bush – if required ) for simple and robust connection to the rising main and surface pipework. (Part No. 592-TPSS2)



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