SALUPO Multiplus 1



Operating Range 0.5 to 20HP: Auto Learning Function
Alarm Outputs: Remote Monitoring and Control through GSM (Optional)
Direct Starting electronic control panel for borehole pumps.

Multilingual Display LCD to visualize:
– Operating voltage
– Current
– Coq)
– Hour counter
– Level status with probes
– System pressure with pressure transducer
– All information concerning the operation of the motor
· Adjustable mains re-entry waiting
· Operation with pressure switches, float switches, probes, pressure transducer and piezoresistive probe 4-20mA
· Dry running with 3 or 2 timed probes level control, comp and minimum current
· Loss of pressure control
· Minimum and maximum current protection with alarm
· Lack and sequence of phases protection with automatic reset and alarm
· Minimum and maximum voltage protection with automatic reset and alarm
· Motor klixon protection with automatic reset and alarm
· Siren shut-off

Technical Data



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