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About Proquip Direct Ltd

Proquip Direct Limited was established in 1997 to provide specialist pumps, technical support and after-service to the evolving market in borehole water abstraction.

Climate change, environmental considerations and the search for renewable energy sources have intensified the need to tap into our underground water reserves, levering borehole engineering into many new applications and to greater levels of sophistication.

At Proquip we have expanded our product range and technical expertise in step with these advances, emerging today as a leading supplier of ‘down-hole’ equipment for water extraction and, more recently, geothermal wells.

With in-depth technical understanding of borehole engineering, we work closely with consultants, engineers and drilling contractors in resolving the design and implementation of the customer’s borehole pumping systems – however complex and critical.

Proquip Direct use innovative borehole systems. We are dedicated to achieving long-term borehole efficiency, reliability and improved performance with in-depth technical and product knowledge gained over the last 20 years, our team will guide you to the very best equipment choices.

Our range: Submersible borehole pumps (fixed speed or constant pressure), motors, controls, flexible rising main, wellheads, pumping accessories, cable joint kits, power cables.

We draw on our longstanding relationships with proven brands Franklin E-Tech, Well Pumps, Nastec, Felsom, Boreline, IGON, QUAD 4 – to create super-efficient borehole systems at surprisingly competitive prices.

Company Reg No.3464096
VAT No.GB 706953812

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