PM 40ME Motors 4” 1.1kW Variable Speed



Materials: Stainless Steel
40ME Submersible Motor
The submersible motor is three-phase oil filled with rotor made in copper, specifically designed in order to guarantee high efficiency and electric elasticity. The motor, together with the inverter integrated on-board, allows to have an operation range from 15 to 55 Hz by modulating continuously
the speed, in order to keep the desired pressure, set by the user through the device MESSENGER, constant.
MESSENGER is a panel composed of plastic and aluminium box containing an electronic card, used in surface to control pump by the operator. Through this device, user can set the pressure (automatic operation) or the rotation speed of the motor (manual operation), in addition to manage any alarms.
MESSENGER panel, in addition to being connected to the power line and to the motor, is also connected to a pressure gauge, necessary for reading pressure in the system.
MESSENGER device and the 4OME submersible motor communicate using the power line technology (PLC, Power-line communication). For this reason, it’s not necessary to add any cable to allow communication between the two devices, since the same cables of motor power supply
are used for communication.

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