Sumoto 4WP 2 Wire Encapsulated Motors



Materials: Stainless Steel
Sumoto 4WP 2 Wire Encapsulated Motors

Technical features

  • Encapsulated resin filled stator.
  • Built in electronic starter.
  • Built in thermal overload.
  • Built in lightning arrestor.
  • Upper bracket: Cataphoresis treated cast iron plus SS304 cover cap.
  • Motor case: SS 304.
  • Motor shaft: SS 304.
  • Shaft end and coupling: NEMA standard.
  • Kingsbury thrust bearing.
  • Winding: enameled copper – Class F insulation.
  • Degree of protection: IP68/Class B insulation.
  • Max temp. 35° with water cooling flow min. 0.08 m/s.
  • Max depht immersion: 150 m.
  • of start per hour: max 30 at regular intervals.
  • Labyrinth seal, sand slinger and lip seal.
  • Coolant: water and propylene glycol.
  • Motor cable length: 1,75 m (2 wires plus ground).
  • Voltage variation: +6 / -10%.
  • Suitable for horizontal operation.

Motor range versions:

  • Single Phase: 0.37kW (0.5hp) to 1.1kW (1.5hp),

220-230V / 50Hz (or 60 Hz).

Other voltage and frequencies available upon request.

Technical Data

4WP 2W Data Sheet




4WP 2Wire Data Sheet 

4WP 2Wire Manual


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