Fourgroup ABB Inverter Drives



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Electronic starter panel with frequency inverter for a three-phase deep well, submersible or surface pump – with electronic ammetric protection. The acceleration and deceleration ramps can be set up independently and all functions are described on the external display.The inverter can be controlled by pc by connecting on the serial port RS232.

Technical Data

  • Power input 3-50 – 60 Hz 400V +/-10%;
  • 4 – 20 mA input for external electronic pressure switch;
  • Very low voltage input for pressure switch or minimum float switch;
  • Selector for AUTO-OFF·MANUAL motor operation
  • (in MANUAL start input from pressure switch);
  • Electronic frequency inverter with the following functions:
  • illuminated LCD;
  • set up menu: functions;
  • visualization of: voltage, phase current, active and apparent power for each phase, COS phi of each phase, kWh;
  • sequential list of the events;
  • clock data with buffer battery;
  • acceleration and deceleration ramps with torque control adjustable from keyboard;
  • set up time of acceleration and deceleration
  • ‘PID” (Proportional Integrated Derivated) set up;
  • remote control by pc with connection via convertor RS232;
  • phase failure protection, minimax voltage protection, phase-sequence protection;
  • incorporated by-pass system;
  • Auxiliary circuits protection fuse;
  • Motor protection fuses;
  • Main switch with door interlock;
  • Metallic box;
  • Protection IP55;
  • Ambient temperature: -51+40·C;
  • Relative humidity 50% at 4O·C (not condensed).



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