Nastec Constant Pressure



Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Pump Size: 4″
Best Effeciency (BEP): 3 – 8
Outlet Size: 1¼” – 2”
Pump Type: Constant Pressure
SKU: Nastec-970

4HS Overview          

4″ variable speed submersible pumps Three-phase, water-filled, permanent magnet synchronous motor with encapsulated resin stator, fully constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel. Built-in integrated inverter controlled by CM control module. Multistage pump made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

A ready to use product

4HS range submersible pumps are designed to provide customers with a ready-to-use product, so they are packaged in a kit including:

4HS pump including 2.5 m / 8 ft flat cable lead (ACS-WRAS – KTM compliant)
Surface control module (CM)
Cable junction kit
Pressure transducer 0-16 bar / 0-250 psi

Upon request, Nastec can provide communication and power cables of the desired length.

All the  advantages of built-in electronics

An inverter allows 4HS to:

Change pump speed to maintain set-pressure regardless of water demand. Consequently the pump is operated only when and as needed without wasting energy, thereby extending pump life.
Starts and stops pump gently, thus reducing peak absorption, mechanical stress.
Protects pump and drive from overload, undervoltage, surges, dry running and any abnormal conditions.
Integrated on-board inverter avoids the use of expensive filters and shielded cables reducing electromagnetic emissions to a minimum.
4HS product range meets the needs of commercial and residential markets for water supply, water pressurisation and irrigation.

Compared to conventional solutions, 4HS offers:
Energy-saving operation.
Quick and simplified application.
System reliability.
Construction characteristics and use of specific materials allow 4HS to be suitable for drinking water applications.

CM: Control Module

CM control module, mounted above-ground, manages the pump operation by changing pump speed to maintain the desired pressure in the system regardless of water demand. Simply connect the pressure transducer, supplied as standard, and perform a quick set- up of the sensor to configure the pressure range for the system. During operation, the CM control unit continuously monitors the electrical, hydraulic and thermal parameters providing complete protection against surges, under voltage, overload and dry running.

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