FB Motors 4” 0.37 – 7.5kW



Materials: CI/Stainless, Duplex Stainless, Aluminium Bronze
SKU:FB Motors 4”
Material: Aluminium Bronze, CI/Stainless, Duplex Stainless

Features of the product in stainless steel AISI 316 : The thrust bearing, the real heart of the submersible motor, is of “Michell” bidirectional type with pads in treated steel and supported by a disk in resin compound and self-lubricating additives, fully ecological. The union between these materials withstands impacts and exceptional axial thrusts for greater efficiency and safety. The supports, upper and lower are in stainless steel AISI 316 in compliance with W.Nr.1.4408 and ASTM a 351 CF8M rules, this material allows the motor to work properly even if it is dipped in aggressive and corrosive waters. The stator is covered by a stainless steel sleeve AISI 316 (W.Nr.1.4404) that withstands corrosive attack and stray currents. The windings, of asynchronous type, are: • for the “F” series in copper wire with insulation in PVC. • for the “F…C” series in copper wire with insulation in PE2 + PA, suggested for high temperatures, surges in tension and “Inverter Resistant”. The rotor shaft is particularly strong, guided by pilot bush anti-wear bearings in graphite. The terminal “ribbed” part of the shaft is in Duplex (W.Nr.1.4462) which is highly resistant to corrosive attack and mechanical stresses caused by the pump. By grinding the entire shaft the rotor takes on a concentricity such as to ensure perfect linearity. With balancing, a shaft free from vibration is obtained. The mechanical seal, fitted in series, “SIC-SIC” silicon-silicon carbide and ensures optimum sealing even with sandy water. The membrane ensures the compensation for balancing the internal-external pressure of the motor. The cable, elastomeric reticulated mixture, of EPR type for foodstuff use, certified WRAS, ACS and KTW for drinking water. The filler liquid, clear water with addition of propylene glycol specifically studied to safeguard primary waters. It performs the function of cooling, antioxidant and antifreeze, it ensures storage of the motor to -15°C. The bolts and screws, simple things but not to be underrated, these are in AISI 316 stainless steel, well worked so as to avoid detachments from corrosion in the long term.

Features of the product in Duplex stainless steel : Upper and lower supports are in DUPLEX stainless steel in compliance with W.Nr.1.4469 and ASTM A 890 CE8MN rules and the stator has a DUPLEX stainless steel sleeve (W.Nr.1.4462) for resistance to the most aggressive and corrosive waters. Bolts and screws are in AISI 904L stainless steel. Other details as AISI 316 motors.

Features of the product in Aluminium -Bronze : The upper and lower supports are in bronze-aluminium in compliance with ASTM B148 C958.00 rules, ensuring resistance to corrosive attacks much greater than standard bronze. The stator is covered by an AISI 316 stainless steel sheath that withstands corrosive attack and stray currents. Other details as AISI 316 motors.

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