CAPIT Stainless Steel Wellhead



Materials: 304 Stainless Steel
Outlet Size: 2″
Allowable Casing Diameter:175mm OD
These all-stainless steel wellheads are a development from our successful mild steel wellheads avoiding the need for expensive coating systems. They are suitable for mounting over casings up to 160mm outside diameter and can be simply grouted in place using the top hat arrangement as a puddle flange or can be bolted directly to the plinth. Available from stock. Save time making up wellheads for domestic borehole casings with Proquip’s purpose-designed, off-the-shelf, welded-stainless steel wellheads. The quality fabricated, stainless steel construction provides robust protection against impact and is configured for much easier installation of surface fittings. The wellhead tube surrounds the borehole casing ( with pump and rising mains ) which is bolted down to the well chamber or grouted-in to form a strong, tidy seal. This means that loads from the pump and rising main are supported by the wellhead assembly and not by the casing. Manufactured from all 304 Stainless Steel for a pleasing, durable finish, the Proquip wellhead brings a neat, professional look to the borehole, befitting the pump & motor within. Available from stock to suit casings up to 6”. Inlet & outlet size are 2” but an 1½” adaptor is included in each kit. (Different sizes, special fittings or other variants to special order – please contact Proquip Direct.)

Features • Can be bolted down to the well chamber. • Can be grouted-in to form a strong, tidy seal. • Bring a neat, professional look to any borehole. • Light Weight. • Corrosion Free. • Stock ready to ship – give us a call.

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